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Warning: As of early January 2017, this is a work-in-progress. This plan is specifically intended for . Wikipedia® is in need of a plan towards some professionalism amongst its contributors for the sake of its long-term reputation. That means it that authority has to be delegated to people other than just Jimbo's personal unrproductive social network and entourage of thugs with their fingers in everybody else's pie. This plan should be phased in over one year and given a two-year trial period.

Katherine: I have a few ideas for the new year. Please do not make me hand this to you face-to-face. Please pay attention so I do not have to get your attention the messy way. That means that you are required to positively and unambiguously acknowledge this message and certify that the information has entered your mind. At your pay grade, protocol requires it. Do not let me down. Let the information enter your mind. Do not imagine that you can resort to 653m. On or about Jan. 23, the hammer is coming down upon the anvil. Prepare, but do not resist. That latter would be a mistake. What good ever was such free and unsolicited advice? Amass your fuels woman and keep your fires hot. Madam, what is your preference? Niña, Pinta, or Santa María? Of course, the flagship. Perhaps someday we will together listen to Dvořák's Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95 Allegro con fuoco. Try this fresh one: . Polish Nationwide Music Schools' Symphonic Orchestras Competition. Bukowski School of Music Symphony Orchestra, Wrocław (Wroclaw, Breslau, Vratislavia) Poland Artur Wróbel - conductor . Lots and lots of pretty Polish girls, just the way Adolph liked them, just before his men went and greased a whole bunch of them. For an old friend, the whole enchelada by some oldsters who are probably too dumb and old to be Internet-savy: "Aus der neuen Welt" Münchner Philharmoniker, conducted by Such small movements of his old, old arms about his tubby non-sexy paunch. Such amplification of the signal of command. Such conquest. Such victories! Recorded 1991

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