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The "quantum" in Quantum Mechanics is rotational momentum. AKA "Rotational momentum". (QM) People attend a polite and yet enthalling contradance. The reader makes an offer to the dance partner of their desire. That partner accepts. The reader takes the partner onto the dance floor. The reader takes the partner into their arms. The reader looks into their partner's eyes in whatever manner their wish. The reader smiles. The couple starts the "swing" figure. "A standard ballroom swing. The couple takes a modified ballroom position, with the lady's left hand on the gent's shoulder, the gent's right hand on the lady's left shoulder blade, their free hands clasped together in the air (experienced dancers often experiment with other ways to place their hands). One can either walk or use a buzz-step; one partner may walk while the other uses the buzz-step. For the buzz-step, the right foot takes only small steps, with the partner's right foot to the right of it. The left foot pushes against the ground repeatedly, moving the dancer in a circle clockwise. Weight is very important in this figure. A swing usually ends facing across the set, sometimes down the set, rarely up the set, but always with the gent to the left and the lady to his right. It is generally recommended that newcomers get an experienced dancer to teach them this figure before the dance begins." The reader frees their mind. The reader lets the erotic fantasies flow as if dreams. The reader uses their spirit but not their body. Both body and spirit are involved, each with constraints of politeness and decorum. The reader uses all of the potential of their mind to remember this moment of desire forever. The angel Damiel loses his wings and becomes human after touching Marion, the woman of his desire. If the Planck constant were macroscopic, the couple would feel a tick-tick-tick as they sped up the swing, jumping from one rotational speed to another. That is the quantum in QM. The technical term for what is quantized is often referred to as "action". This is the first step. There are many other abstract and somewhat confusing rules. The reader opens the textbook with a running start.

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