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The current marketing and motivational speaking pitch: With attribution to that future first female Vice President of the United States of America on schedule to be elected in 2020 AKA Carlton Sneed Fiorina. Carly is just an American woman addicted to that Dale Carnegnie jazz. AWM likes her. A lot. A lot. Maybe even to an unhealthy degree. AWM: stop that. Stop. Stop. Wait five minutes. Then you may love her for one minute. Then stop. AWM: you are now cut off for the rest of the day. Tney cut you off and Antonio's Nut House. You are cut off as far as Carly is concerned. Done. This is natural-born American Citizen Carlton Sneed Fiorina and her second legal spouse Frank Joseph Fiorina (second marriage for both). Home address: 11201 Gunston Road, Lorton VA 22079-4006 Valuation: $7 M. Net worth: $60M,-Lorton-VA-22079.dash.4006_rb/ 6 beds 9 baths 8,509 sqft Owner: FRANK JOSEPH FIORINA Land value: $1,162,000 (it was $1,098,000 in 2010) Building value: $4,643,170 (it was $1,922,800 in 2010) Total value for property: $5,805,170 (it was $3,020,800 in 2010) Assessments for tax year: 2014 Land area: 223,498 square feet Living area: 8,509 square feet Utilities: Water not available, Sewer not available, Gas connected Number of stories: 2 Building use: Single Dwelling or Patio House Style: 2 Story + Attic Exterior wall: Brick Floor type: Hardwood Roof type: Composition Shingle Basement: Full Basement type: Daylight Number of bedrooms: 6 Number of full bathrooms: 8 Number of half bathrooms: 2 Heating: Yes Number of fireplaces: 5 Year property was built: 2004 Addition type: Lower: Basement full, First: Brick Addition area: 431 square feet Addition type: Lower: Attached garage Addition area: 936 square feet Addition type: Lower: Two story colonial porch Addition area: 198 square feet Sale date for most recent sale: 09/01/1911 Sale price for most recent sale: $6,100,000 Sale date for second most recent sale: 04/03/2000 Sale price for second most recent sale: $525,000 Home phone numbers: CA: (650) 917-8069 (still active?) VA: (703) 550-2540 Deceased biological daughter of Joseph: Lori (1974 (objective: obtain exact day) (where?) - October 12, 2009 (in home, New Jersey. objective: obtain at least city name, sieze any other data targetgs of opportunity spend U.S. Dollars only as a last, desperate resort. Max. budget $300 ) ) Cause of death: bulimia, alcoholism, drug abuse. (AWM note to self: go easy on the surviving one, you pathetic, tiny and utterly expendable fluke of the Universe.Obviously, AWM keeps her in reserve. Obviously. Go to confession at St. Francis of Assisi and confess your many, many, many sins to Pastor Goode. Do your penance EXACTLY as Pastor Goode instructs you to. When G-d has granted you His perfect absolution, then go onto the dirty, dirty street and pick up A LOT litter. No gloves. No hands. Pick up the litter with your mouth.)

The Countess forgives her husband.

Last updated: December 10, 2016

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