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This the spirit of instantly obeying the orders of Law Enforcement with a calm, lento "Yes sir, yes sir." The spirit of keeping the focus of your attention near C1 rather than L5 along that bundle-of-nerves crap.

Pay attentiion, now. . Utah Trooper John Gardner. Driver is Jared Massey. Masey takes a ride on the Taser. Why? Huh? HUH? Analysis: Gardner is a little cocky but nothing out-of-tolerance. Massey error: (Probably the advice of his mother or some such tripe) "I'm not signing anything!". Oh darling little puppy-dog Massey: you were supposed to listen to your father and set that idiot-ego aside and just do what you are told for 90 seconds or so. The rest should now be intutitively obviously to the reader. The stereotypical Internet death threats and stuff follow. Blah blah blah.

Last updated: December 16, 2016

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