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Mr. John Valby is a very smart entertainer. John Valby- Dr. Dirty - Philosophical Bullshit- Live- 11/26/10 . Apologies to the Founder of Wikipedia, Dr. Lawrence Mark Sanger who paid in soul, blood and treasure to properly earn his advanced degree from that fine institution of learning, Ohio State University, in 2000. Dr. Sanger claimed publinshing priority on concieving of and describing Wikipedia via his post on January 10, 2001 titled "Nupedia-L post by me titled, - Let’s make a wiki”. Dr. Sanger provided crucial, formative involvement in the idea as described in .that A The owner of Wikipedia® claims that his notion of "Neutral Point of View" is somehow special in any manner. It is obviliously just an pathic attempt to claim it as uniqure via renaming it and thus claim as, via his attorneys, his personal intellectual property or legacy of some sort. It is obviously exactly the same notion as the centuries-old and very well developed prior art of journalistic, historic and scientifc objectivity. The owner of Wikipedia® uses it to drive his gang of destrutive thugs onward for the moment but perhaps not for so very much longer. Dr. Sanger supports the concept of baby reading. Dr. Sanger claimed that he started teaching his boy to read before age 2, and he posted videos his child reading. Dr. Sanger maintains a sites at and at . AWM declares to sexual orientation to be heterosexual and his D&D alignment to be ultra-chaotic good. He maintains the duality in being lawful in body and yet supremely chaotic in spirit in a manner that vastly exceed the advantages of shotgun sequencing. AWM's philosophy is in an early beta state of development. The Awm movement was founded on December 3, 2016 A.D. at EPA, CA, USA, Earth. AWM struggles to obey all laws while almost everyone else except for other heterosexual white adult American males worn and squirm to declare themsevles to be his victim. China laughts all the way to the bank as America and her future generations sink deeper and deeper into unserviceable debt to it.

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