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Fellow Democrats: we have had a setback. What of it? If Hillary had won, we would have had four years of stalemate with a Republican Congress. We will have a new Commander on January 20, 2017. We must all be loyal to and supportive of the new Commander or he will fall.!_My_Captain! Nay, never! We must coordinate, marshall, form units and provide your commander with the product of your very best judgement without regard to politics and whatnot. Do not overextend yourself. Do not ask for too much or you will be ignored. If you ask for too much, then you will be just another victim of Pu-Tin-Pao . This is Carly Fiorina for 2020 VPOTUS. AWM feels a bit of the Deity within. AWM invokes that spirit. Isaiah 40:3 "The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our G-d." AWM does not wait for the U.S. Senate or any POTUS or anyone else. On December 8, 2016 A.D. at EPA, CA, USA, Earth, AWM unilaterally declares that it is unconditional and total economic WAR! with mainland China until our balance-of-trade deficit is completely paid off. Current estimates of the duration: 756 months. To arms. To arms. Each U.S. citizen or resident is invoked now to engage in weekly spriritual crisis and introspection. They are to, every week, go into their bathroom, take off all of their clothes as if they were still in Eden and look in the mirror and probe deeply into their irises for two minutes and repeat question out loud over and over and over again: "Have I produced my quuota of exportable product or service for our sacred Nation this week?" Set the target coordinates appropriatley on every economic ICBM now. Now. The football and POTUS are elided from echelon of launch authority. What is left of the stump of AWM's right pinky finger is already itchy. Very, very ichty. Those slanty-eyes lizards will regret until the moment of cessation of their brain fucntion that they ever dared to allow the balance accumulate into realm of predatory leading. Now, nothing but absolute Victory over those greedy, slimy monsters will be accepted. No USA Citizen shall sleep until the bill is paid. Thank you teacher. Thank you . None shall sleep! Vanish, o night! Fade, you stars! At some coming dawn, the USA will prevail!

Last updated: December 15, 2016

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