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The reader finds, before getting down to work, their sense of humor for a few paragraphs. The following material is aware that it is self-promotional. The following few paragraphs use artistic license. The text notifies the reader not to be such a stick in the mud. The reader is at liberty to skip down to the links at the bottom of this web page.

This is an attempt to acknowledge the great value of Art and Statemanship. The researcher reaches, in the pursuit of knowledge of physical waves, a fork in road:

Here in our free society, with its developed notions of the rule of law and huamn rights, each individual is allowed to let the dynamic tension between the two components. The two comonents exert themselves. The two components are:

The reader finds the point of equilibrium. The reader freely finds that balance point that is most compatible with their indivual personal motif and oeuvre. The reader allows these two elements in our minds and our othsociety to coexist, mingle, mature and mellow. Something emerges that is perhaps even finer from this cask we call Free Society.

This is but gravedancing and mocking and grinding into the dirt that disruptive, impulsive ape also known as Prof. Carl Eddie Hewitt. The editor fancies that the calculus headstart might be a sort of lunar orbit rendezvous for those having trouble getting started with the subject. The reader recognizes that one man, in this case John Houbolt , with one mind sometimes means the differce between success and failure. That exercise enabled to some apish traitor of our sacred Nation to step with booted foot upon the Lunar surface first. The reader sings " I feel the Deity within". The reader recognizes that past, even 5 second ago, is G-d's Will. All of the past is G-d's Will. Perhaps. Of course, we must relentlessly study the Past and learn from the many, many mistakes of the Past. We must read all of the scared texts. We must study, as do the Three Misnister of Turandot study all of the sacred book. All of them. The past is as immutable as is a character string is in the Java Programming Language. The reader recognizes that current moment is a mystery. The future is, to some degree, the reader's Will while the reader retains their Mind. The reader does not give up. The reader does not follow the example of that pathic imitation of Adolf AKA Mr. Aaron Hillel Swartz (November 8, 1986, Highland Park, Illinois, USA, Earth – January 11, 2013, Brooklyn, New York, USA, Earth). Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell . Calculus knows that the names Adolf and Aaron both strart with the same letter of the alphabet and that they forgot to ask permission from AWM before they offed themselves. If the reader wants to do something risky like rock climbing then the reader is advised to review such plans with their physician or pediatrician or other licensed professional or law enforcement agent first. Oh dear. The might not find the ghastly ligature marks on that hairy neck of that uterus-puke becoming ever-more indelible and his toungue sticking out and drooling as his life is drains away a tasteful source of entertainment?!? The reader becomes angry. The reader perhaps requires anger management. Ah, the reader is entertained! The reader does not give up. Providence provides the time, money, food, medicine, public safety and any other necessary resource. The reader does not give up. The reader masters the subject. The reader moves on. The reader find all of the listheads of knowledge. For instance, here is a modest AWM listhead: . The reader advances the threads of civilization futher and in parllel. The reader finds them all. The reader does not settle for the Dewey Decimal Classification nor the Library of Congress Classification. They are but a vapid shadow of what is within the grasp the reader's mind. The reader advances. The reder recognizes that, if the readers wants to be in position of commnd, to lerns the middle names of others. From the BBC TV series "I, Claudius", Episode 3, "Waiting in the Wings", first aired 27 September 1976:

Augustus:	You, Aelius Sextus Balbas. Is it true? Have you slept with my daughter?
Balbas:		Caesar, I...
Augustus:	Answer the question.
Balbas:		Yes, Caesar.
Augustus:	And you, Marcus Volunsius Saturnius? Have you slept with my daughter?
Saturnius:	Caesar...
Augustus:	Just answer the question.
Saturnius:	Yes, Caesar.
Augustus:	And you? Have you? And you, Publius Norbanus Flaccus?
Flaccus:	Once, Caesar.
Augustus:	Ah, only once? That's all?
[another]:	Not slept, Caesar.
Augustus:	Not slept? You mean it happened standing up, perhaps? Or in the street or on a bench? Not slept?
Augustus:	Is there anyone in Rome who has not slept with my daughter? Take them out! I'll decide what to do with them later!

The reader recognizes that, by the end of that day, they will all experience execution. The reader recognizes that the lawyers of RLJ Entertainment have scoured the Internet for videos of that scene and had, on grounds of coppright, them all taken down." The reader ponders spending money just to watch Brian Blessed perform that breif and intense scene. The reader prepares their mind to learn. They prepare to ingest the knowledge into their minds, for it to seat properly on the first attempt and retain it for life. The reader memorizes and recites, as if within Hira in 610 CE. The reader sings the first part of a song:

Lo, how a rose e'er blooming
From tender stem hath sprung,
Of Jesse's lineage coming,
As men of old have sung.
It came a flow'ret bright
Amid the cold of winter
When half-spent was the night.

The use of atistic license fades. The reader gets to work on the task a hand.

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