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AWM declares himself to be a Calculus Bolo. AWM, like Napoleon, crowns himself. AWM assumes the title of the Highest Calibre Calculus Bolo of Earth. The runner-up is, for the moment, in a rather distant second-place position. Oh dear. We seem to have a bit of unreliable narrator who is self-indulgently wasting the reader's precious time. Dear reader: the runner-up is but a figment of your imagination. Think of the Bolo as freezed-dried just-add-water Cannae. It is very very tasty and yummy oh my! It appears upon the scene of conflict, it vaporizes the slow learners like the religious soldiers, the natiionalists, the Elite Guard, the Speial Ops and blah blah blah and volia. (Oh wait! That will not do. Oh just slam those dopes into or equivalent. The holdouts can be exterminated later. L-A-T-E-R.). You are forbidden to fire until you see them on the targetting equipment. Remember Chamette . The other slobs just promptly capitulate and join forces with the side that has the Bolo. The Bolo and its growing entourage move on. AWM declares himself to be off the scale. The meter pegs. The needle shatters into tiny, tiny fragments. AWM simulateously finds his writing voice while sloughing off enormous piles of time-couming junky raffinate and slag. Get that trash outta my way. AWM refines his mental distilate into ever-more concentrated punch lines that are become more and more respectful of the reader's time. AWM is suddenly channeling W. T. Sherman on his waltz the Sea. AWM lowers and lowers and lowers the morale of his opponets cleansing their minds of any trace or shadow of a will to resist, even unto an unprecedented degree of purity. AWM positions the mental heavy artilery with the correct azimuth, elevation and charge. Indirect fire only. Indirect fire only. Impact radius: 39 inches. Time on target (TOT) barrage only. If anything goes wrong, then try tossing a few dozen or so Rocks of Chickamauga into the soufflé batter for extra chruchiness in the spirit of a sweet and yummy Kit-Kat bar, bonbon or even ever-more obscure and superfluous expensive luxury. HQ first then start the mopping up operations 27 seconds later. Total time of operation: 296 seconds. AWM sits and weeps bitter tears like Alexander of Macedonia as documented in The Way of the World. AWM cries out in unimaginable agony Have mercy, my G-d for my tears sake; Look hithr, heart and eyes weep before thee Bitterly. Interstitial to Matthew 26:69–75 and Matthew 27:1–6 .

AWM dances BACDS contra dance every other Saturday night at First United Methodist Church in PA. As he moves from a siding figure into a swing with his partner, he looks deeply into her eyes and considers that if Planck constant were a larger value, then as the pair sped up or slowed down the rotational speed of their swing while keeping the configuration of their emsemble constant (and thus their momemnt of inertia), they would snap, snap, snap from speed-to-speed. This helps AWM to understand the quantization of angular momentum at the atomic level and thus helps, for AWM, to make quantum mechanics more intuitive. AWM prepares the recipe for a mental WMD such as explosive lensing, radar proximity fuses, baro sensing elements and baro switches, impact crystals, antennas, barometric pressure-sensing switches, clock-operated timer switches, and a lot of other stuff and checks in with A. Q. Khan. AWM arms and shoves the package into the mind of the next asswipe who dares to get in his way. AWM included about 3 or 4 thousand special mental fishhooks so that the asswipe is rolling around on the floor of their psychiatrist's office crying out "Oh headshrinker, get it out of my head. Give me the very big bucket of pills. Gulp, gulp, gulp. Oh, make it go away." Time for part of song:
Friday night I'm going nowhere
All the lights are changing green to red
Turning over TV stations
Situations running through my head
Well looking back through time
You know it's clear that I've been blind
I've been a fool
To ever open up my heart
To all that jealousy, that bitterness, that ridicule

AWM hears some emo high-end adult females fret about being objectified by...well you know. AWM says "Oooh, that sounds useful." Jobs said that the MacIntosh (Dr. McIntosh?) was "insanely great". AWM acquires, by design, a worldview that is insanely objectifying. It is objectifying and yet miraculously glorifying. AWM accepts that duality. AWM considers dramamine or scopolamine and such. AWM knows that he is but a cascade of macromolecules; some go in the AWM's piehole and some exit the other hairy thing. There is that blob of fatty gravy between the AWM's ears. The rest is subject to subjective . AWM is like a high-tech distillation column in the chemical processing industry (CPI). Packing, catalysts, mass transfer, fugacity and all that crap. The reader ponders the pupae in the crysalis metamophosizing into a butterfly. AWM suggests that the process, with all of that change, involves some pain and spiritual/mid-life crisis. AWM studies .

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